Look of the Week: The Roaring Twenties–Time for Peace? Time to Party!


It has often been said that history’s most enduring fashion trends always have a tendency to be revived in later decades. This certainly holds true for the Europe’s latest fashion craze for scintillating sequins, long ropes of pearls, feather fascinators, cute cloche hats, and playful fringes sewn onto short hem-lines. In other words, the roaring twenties are making a huge come-back.

Right on cue with this is the recent release of Baz Luhrman’s newest cinematic hit, “The Great Gatsby,” an artfully filmed and fabulously costumed version of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s American literature classic, which is set in this golden age of jazz, speak-easys, and euphoria. This week’s “Look of the Week” is, of course, inspired by this happy time of peace and prosperity that briefly reigned after the resolution of World War I.

With the gossamer fabric for the puffed sleeves, paired with some tights and the classic cloche hat as a valuable accessory, this particular peace-jacket is ideal for a night on the town on balmy spring evening.

The Roaring Twenties

Model wearing a Military Style Peace Jacket